Central Ohio Balloon Club 

About us

The "Central Ohio Balloon Club" was established in 1982 for hot air balloon pilots, crew and enthusiasts. We promote interest in hot air ballooning and encourage an exchange of information among the membership, general public and other ballooning organizations.

We actively participate in community events and hot air balloon rallies across the United States. Besides flying whenever we can, COBC members meet once a month, and we discuss ballooning issues. Every participating member usually brings some food to these meetings, and they are fun and informative events.

Membership currently include 19 active balloon pilots including 7 commercial pilots / flight instructors, 4 students aspiring to become pilots and about 30 members actively engaged in crewing.

Many crew for one or more pilots. A balloon crew is usually made up of three to five individuals who assist in the launching of the balloon, drive the chase vehicle, follow the balloon during flight and assist in landing and recovery. Crew members work very hard and have a lot of fun. A crew member usually earns balloon rides and may receive flight instruction and earn his or her pilot's license.

The COBC always welcomes new members (membership application) and fellow balloonists. We would be happy to tell you about our sport.

Information about balloon rides can be obtained at our meetings, by contacting a member or here.


P.O.Box 141403, Columbus, OH 43214

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